7 Tips for Your Dublin Wedding Photos!

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - 7 Tips For Better Photos

To help you make the most of your wedding photos, here are seven things your photographer wants you to know. Keep this in mind as you prepare for your special day and be sure to share them with your wedding planner!

Always allow for extra time!

While it may seem as though you have all the time in the world while getting ready, you’d be surprised how quickly that time can run out! Hair and/or make-up can run over, the car could arrive late, or it may take longer than expected to tie up all those fiddly buttons on your dress. Make sure you don’t get short on time by cushioning your schedule with a good 30 minutes to avoid any rushing around or panic moments.

Keep the clutter to a minimum.

Wedding mornings are absolutely crazy at the best of times. Handbags, suitcases, glasses, bottles, make-up, and a whole host of other things are often flying about. However, that clutter doesn’t always represent itself well in your photos. Avoid messy backgrounds by tidying away what you can.

This will also help to keep you organized so that you aren’t tearing your hair out while looking for your lipstick.

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - 7 Tips For Better Photos

Light is your absolute best friend!

At least in terms of photography. It’s always a great idea to get ready in a room that provides a good amoung of natural light. If you have options and want my opinion on which will serve you best, please give me a call or email me! I’d love to help you choose.

‘Tis the season of getting dark fast!

During the winter, Ireland gets dark VERY FAST. Be sure to take this into consideration when planning your ceremony time. A standard church ceremony may last the full hour and a half, so plan accordingly and (back to tip one) make sure to give yourself enough of a timing cushion should the ceremony run over.

You can cut down on time required for photos between the ceremony and reception by doing things like a first look or confetti toss. More on these in later blog posts!  🙂

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - 7 Tips For Better Photos

Family Photos.

This portion of the day is typically a bit hectic People are checking in, hanging out at the bar, getting something out of their car, etc. Help avoid any stressful moments by letting all of the releveant family members know when and where they are needed for their family photos. Be sure that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are familiar with both sides of the family so that they are able to help wrangle anyone who is missing.

Bridal Portraits.

Many couples shy away from getting their photos taken, especially when it’s just you and the photographer, but please… avoid the preassure, relax, and enjoy this part of your day! Take a moment to just be husband and wife. Let your photographer do their thing and have fun lovin’ on each other.

This is one area I advise you not to rush through, ever, so if you need to – build in an extra cushion to make sure that you have enough time to capture these moments together.

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - 7 Tips For Better Photos

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - 7 Tips For Better Photos

Enjoy your day!

It’s so easy to sweat the small stuff leading up to your wedding. Family quarrels, friends falling out, bridesmaids dresses aren’t the right colour, it’s raining. I get it! But please try to forget all of these small things and simply enjoy the day ahead of you. Share laughs with your new husband or wife and celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

These are the memories you’ll remember and your photographer will capture!

If you’re looking for a Dublin Wedding Photographer to capture your special day, please email me. I’d love to learn more about you and what you have planned for your wedding!

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