Best of 2021 Weddings

Bride and groom coming out of church with confetti

2021 was one of the busiest years for me! Somehow i shot the same amount of weddings I normally would in 12 months, in 6. But each and every wedding was amazing and while I was definitely kept on my toes I truly loved my job and got to experience some really beautiful days, crazy days, emotional days and everything in between. So a big whole hearted thank you to every one of my couples for booking me and giving me the opportunity to do what I love.

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Let’s talk about contracts! | Ireland Wedding Photographer

Something I see happen far too often, is when people are let down by their Ireland wedding photographer or general wedding supplier at the very last minute. This is of course horribly bad form and my heart goes out to the couple dealing with this situation! The big question comes immediately to mind though is, what does your contract say?

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How does Copyright work? | Ireland Wedding Photographer

There are 101 things to think about when choosing which vendors to book for your wedding, all with enough options to boggle the mind! The last thing you need is to get even more befuddled when faced with signing a contract loaded with jargon you don’t quite understand. Copyright and who owns what is one of the biggest concerns I hear crop up again and again when it comes to Ireland wedding photography, so please allow me to help steer you through the topic in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

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