Dun Laoghaire Engagement Shoot | Benny and Eithne

It was by pure luck and happenstance that I got to meet Benny and Eithne. Eithne had entered a draw at the Ultimate Wedding Live bridal show to win a free engagement shoot. Luckily for her and me she was announced the winner! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to work with for a morning on the sun soaked Dun Laoghaire pier. I had a brilliant time and both Benny and Eithne were great fun and can we all just take a moment to see how gorgeous Eithne looks even though she was battling hay fever! To date one of my favourite couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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Eithne was good enough to share with me their engagement story, all I can say is Benny is a true romantic! He chose that ring himself by the way.

Benny proposed while we were on a vary rare child free break away in Limerick for the May bank holiday weekend. I had NO idea! If you can believe it I went to book the same hotel in the same city for the same weekend! So he had to tell me we were going away that weekend as I would’ve double booked! Great minds think alike haha! He sent me to the spa to get a massage and manicure, and I still didnt suspect anything as my birthday was the following week so just thought it was an early birthday pressie! It wasn’t until I came back and he had the whole suite filled with candles and was on one knee that I knew! An immediate YES!! and was followed by a romantic meal and home the following day to celebrate with friends and family.

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Eithne and Benny are getting married next winter in Barberstown Castle and I wish them and their daughter all the luck in the world! Thanks again for everything guys. X

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