What happens if there’s bad weather?

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - In case of Bad Weather -439

Ireland is an incredibly beautiful country. The landscapes create amazing natural backdrops and allow for gorgeous imagery, but what happens if you plan to take wedding photos outside and it rains?!

While the ‘R’ word is one you do not want to hear associated with any wedding day, let’s be honest… it literally rains about half of the time in Ireland! So in order to avoid an anxiety attack or last minute madness, be sure to have your back-up plan ready in case of bad weather!

Kathy Silke Photography - Dublin Wedding Photographer - In case of Bad Weather -439

Here are four things to consider when preparing for the chance of rain:

Check your wedding photographer’s portfolio!

Any photographer worth their salt should be able to manage indoor photographs as easily as outdoor photographs. Be sure to check their portfolio for weddings where it rained. Can’t find one? Ask!

If they’ve not photographed an actual wedding indoors, you may want to move on to your next option. At the bare minimum, ask to see other photo sessions that have taken place indoors.

What’s your photographer’s back-up plan?

After you’ve reviewed the photographer’s portfolio, take a moment to find out what they do if it rains.

Will they completely ditch the outdoor photos or try to squeeze them in at a later time? What do they recommend in terms of props to bring or supplies to gather in order to help you prepare for the elements?


What should you expect from photos?

Find out if the overall number of photos will be cut down due to rainy weather conditions.

Every wedding (and every wedding photographer) is different due to their venue, wedding, and weather. Find out about how many images you can expect to receive with your final gallery.

If you’re wondering, I typically deliver 400-500 images per wedding.  <3

Don’t worry, be happy!

It is so important that the bride and groom maintain a good attitude throughout the photos, as this will translate through the entire wedding party. A little rain never hurt anyone, so why not seize the moment for some epic moody photos in the rain!

If you’re looking for a photographer who is well versed in outdoor and indoor photography, with a solid back-up plan who won’t cut down on your overall number of wedding images in case of bad weather, please email me! I’d love to learn more about your wedding day and chat about how we can capture the most amazing photos… even if it rains!

PS: Each of the photos included in this post were taken on wedding days where we experienced ‘bad weather’. 

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