Intimate Ballymagarvey Village Wedding

Outdoor wedding dress

I’ve used to work with Ciaran a few years ago, back when I was a trusty cinema hand, little did I know his then girlfriend would become his wife in a beautiful intimate wedding in Ballymagarvey Village. I was pure thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding, it was the perfect combination of fun, relaxed and emotional.

2016-08-18_0002  2016-08-18_0003

When i got to Fionnuala’s house in the morning I started to look around as usual for ideal places to photograph the dress, only to be told, to my absolute delight that sure of course I could take it outside, the shoes and accessories too, make use of the garden! Cue heart eyes! If theres something I love for wedding photos its some natural light and the great outdoors! It also helped that Fionnuala’s dad had poured his heart into his garden right down the fantastic wooden seating area at the back that we used to photograph the dress.

2016-08-18_0005  2016-08-18_0006Wedding Hair Accessories2016-08-18_0008

I was absolutely in love these incredibly delicate hair pieces Fionnuala got for her and her bridesmaid from Etsy, they were stunning.

2016-08-18_0155  2016-08-18_00102016-08-18_0011  2016-08-18_00122016-08-18_00132016-08-18_0014  2016-08-18_00152016-08-18_00162016-08-18_0017  2016-08-18_00182016-08-18_00192016-08-18_00202016-08-18_0021  Outdoor Buttonhole 2016-08-18_0023

2016-08-18_0024  Bridal Bouquet 2016-08-18_00262016-08-18_0027

I’ve included this photo for one reason and one reason only, it’s amazing. Why? While with Ciaran in the morning to photograph him and his family getting ready someone popped open some champagne, the cork flew across the room and landed, I kid you not, right here.

2016-08-18_0028  2016-08-18_00292016-08-18_00302016-08-18_00312016-08-18_00322016-08-18_00332016-08-18_00342016-08-18_0035  2016-08-18_00362016-08-18_00372016-08-18_0038  2016-08-18_00392016-08-18_00402016-08-18_0042  2016-08-18_00432016-08-18_0044Ballymagarvey Village Ireland2016-08-18_0046  2016-08-18_00472016-08-18_0048Ballymagarvey Village Ireland Wedding2016-08-18_00502016-08-18_0051  2016-08-18_00522016-08-18_00532016-08-18_00542016-08-18_0055  2016-08-18_00562016-08-18_00572016-08-18_00582016-08-18_00592016-08-18_00602016-08-18_00612016-08-18_0062

Ciaran and Fionnuala decided to do something a little different in their ceremony, which I totally loved, instead of Fionnuala walking down the aisle to Ciaran he met her at the top and they walked down together, which was perfect for them, as thats how they tackle everything, together.

2016-08-18_0063  2016-08-18_00642016-08-18_00652016-08-18_00662016-08-18_00682016-08-18_00692016-08-18_0070  2016-08-18_00712016-08-18_00722016-08-18_0073  2016-08-18_00742016-08-18_00752016-08-18_00762016-08-18_00772016-08-18_00792016-08-18_00812016-08-18_00822016-08-18_00832016-08-18_00842016-08-18_0085  2016-08-18_00862016-08-18_00872016-08-18_00882016-08-18_00892016-08-18_00902016-08-18_00922016-08-18_00932016-08-18_00942016-08-18_00952016-08-18_0096  2016-08-18_0097Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Bride and Groom2016-08-18_00992016-08-18_01002016-08-18_0101  2016-08-18_01022016-08-18_01032016-08-18_0104  2016-08-18_01052016-08-18_0156  2016-08-18_01072016-08-18_0108  2016-08-18_01092016-08-18_01102016-08-18_0111  2016-08-18_01122016-08-18_0113  Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Bride and Groom2016-08-18_01152016-08-18_01162016-08-18_0117Ballymagarvey Village Bride and Groom2016-08-18_01202016-08-18_01212016-08-18_01222016-08-18_01232016-08-18_01242016-08-18_01252016-08-18_01262016-08-18_01272016-08-18_01282016-08-18_0129  2016-08-18_01302016-08-18_01312016-08-18_01322016-08-18_01332016-08-18_01342016-08-18_01352016-08-18_01362016-08-18_01372016-08-18_01382016-08-18_0139Ballymagarvey Village Bride Groom Intimate Wedding

Can we just take a moment for the freaking amazing tree Ballymagarvey Village have? I’m in love with it!

2016-08-18_0141  2016-08-18_01422016-08-18_01432016-08-18_01442016-08-18_01452016-08-18_01462016-08-18_0147  2016-08-18_01482016-08-18_01492016-08-18_01502016-08-18_01512016-08-18_01522016-08-18_01532016-08-18_0154

It was a total honour and a pleasure to be there on Ciaran and Fionnuala’s big day and be part of. You couldn’t ask for a better couple or wedding to spend a day at. <3

The Support Cast:

Venue | Ballymagarvey Village 

Photographer | Kathy Silke Photography

Wedding Dress | La Sposa Memories Bridal Boutique

Grooms Suit | Best Menswear

Bridesmaids Dress | Jenny Yoo at Nordstrom 

Flowers | Jennas Flowers 

Make Up | Megan Hughes

Hair | Amy at Black Amber

Hair Accessories | English Flower Farmer on Etsy

Placecards/Ceremony Booklets | Fuzzy Irish Crafts (the brides own business!)

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