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I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly excited to learn that I was going to shoot a wedding a Kinnitty Castle Christmas wedding! As a lover or gothic architecture and spooky castles with fabulous grounds this was right up my alley, it also helped I’d heard a rumour it was one of Irelands most haunted castles! Leslie and Tony were also wonderfully relaxed and easy to work with. On a drive to scout out the castle Leslie and I bonded over our love of Mexican food and our obsession with Lord of the Rings, a firm friendship was born! I loved the vibe from the wedding, from the excellent Lord of the Rings table settings to the adorable and handmade Star Wars cake toppers it was all personalised perfectly to Tony and Leslie.

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Leslie made sure to do things her way for her wedding, something I always love! She shunned traditional heels, because honestly, who has time for that? Instead oping for some gorgeous colourful purple pumps which perfectly matched her colour scheme.

2016-01-27_0009  2016-01-27_0010

Her bouquet was a thing of beauty, Leslie wanted to keep it green and natural and it looked just gorgeous.

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Theres nothing like a great dress shot to put you in the right mood! I had a great time exploring the castle with my second shooter looking for the ideal place to photograph her dress, a big thanks to the wonderful staff who helped us.

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Leslie is American and her nearest and dearest made the trip across the pond to join her on her big day, the most important one being her mother Donna, who is hands down the coolest mother I’ve ever met! Not only did she get her first tattoo in recent years (a loving tribute to her late husband) but she also rescues and cares for birds of prey and is just a lovely person all around.

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Leslie is a music therapist and took the opportunity during the reception to play the harp, suffice to say it was actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. More then few tears were shed by the onlooking guests.

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I was so honoured to be part of Leslie and Tonys wedding, not least because I became such good friends with Leslie and felt so welcomed into the fold of her friends and family. Both Tony and Leslie are the perfect relaxed and easy going couple and are clearly meant for each other. They were a pleasure to work with and put their own stamp on their wedding making it all the more special. A huge thank you again to the wonderful staff at the castle who were so helpful to me as I wondered the halls of Kinnitty with a giant wedding dress.


The Supporting Cast

Venue | Kinnitty Castle

Dress | Bridal Corner

Hair and Make Up | Sharon D Hair and Make Up

Bridesmaids Make Up | Sue Fox

Harpist | Dearbhail Finnegan 

Flowers | All Occasions Florists

Bridesmaids Dresses | Eden Bridal

Grooms Suit | The Formal Suite

Cake | The Cake Creator

Second Shooter | Heather Byrne

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  1. Really great photographs! Also, I do believe it is a haunted castle, since I definitely lost some time after the reception!

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