Phoenix Park | Autumn Engagement Shoot


I’m a massive lover of Autumn, Halloween, October…all the good things! So I was thrilled when Caoimhe and Micheal wanted to arrange an engagement shoot on a crisp Autumn evening in Phoenix Park. I love photographing people at sunset, known as “the golden hour” to photographers, you get that gorgeous golden glow on your subject and the natural light is to die for!

2015-11-29_00022015-11-29_0003  2015-11-29_0004

That natural light! <3 As a photographer I love working with light in general but mostly natural light, its unpredictable but so soft and versatile that it makes my job so much fun and always interest. This just happened to be the perfect lighting situation!


Caoimhe and Micheal were a blast! Both were nervous, as Caoimhe told me it had been ages since either of the had gotten their photo taken and they were notorious for being awkward in front of the camera. All I can say is, i don’t believe it for a second! They were so relaxed and easy going it really did make my job easy. Any nerves were quickly dispersed as Micheal has us cracking up with a stories from his youth and his first rather eventful trip to Phoenix Park on a school trip, involving security guards and accidental trespassing!

2015-11-29_0006Pheonix Park

Caoimhe and Micheal were such a lovely couple and I wish them every happiness in the future!

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