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Do you ever get that moment when you have admired someone from afar completely unknowingly and then you finally get to meet them…and its brilliant!

I had just such a meeting with Paula O’Hara, of Paula O’Hara Photography. During my frequent scoping of photography online I had come across her work, loved it, and moved on. It was a pleasant and surreal surprise when I saw on Facebook she was offering mentoring sessions to other photographers. To some people this might seem weird, aren’t all photographers pitted against each other in an over saturated market and only the best man wins? Sometimes, yes, this is the case. But there is a smaller but so much more fabulous section of the photography world where photographers embrace other photographers, young and old, new and experienced. Paula is one of these people, her aim is to share her experience and wisdom with other photographers and at the same time bring together like minded people in what is otherwise an often solitary job.

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I embarked on a trip up north to spend a day with Paula and get the full Yoda treatment and I have to admit, setting off at 8am to someone I hadn’t met was a bit daunting. I didn’t need to worry, I was greeted at the door with a hug and some biscuits and muffins. The first thing I saw was a cat curled up on a chair with a hot water bottle tucked under its cushion. “I’m home..” I thought to myself.

Apart from the absolute best time I’ve had in awhile I also got to soak up all the fabulous ideas, information, experiences and advice Paula had. She was a wealth of knowledge and made it clear I could ask anything. The highlight of the day was in the afternoon where we both went out to shoot an engagement couple shoot. I got to try some new techniques, meet lovely people and generally play with photography just for the sake of fun which is something I don’t get to so much these days.

I would recommend Paula’s mentoring sessions to anyone, even if your experienced and think you know it all, its just a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and share experiences with a like minded person.

Jennifer and Jonny were so much fun and incredibly easy to photograph, keep scrolling to see their engagement shoot!

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